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Traffic violations make up most traffic tickets (also known as citations) and are considered “infraction” level offenses meaning they are less severe than misdemeanor or felony crimes. Traffic violations include offenses such as speeding, running a red light or driving with an expired license. Please see below for a list of other traffic violations, some traffic tickets can, however, have more severe consequences. The following provides information about traffic violations should you find the need for a Lawyer.

A single speeding ticket can substantially increase the cost of your car insurance.

A ticket for reckless driving can result in a suspended license.

Fighting traffic tickets makes sense in every way, and we can help you do it!

Sometimes it’s easier just to pay a traffic ticket rather than try to fight it, especially for minor traffic violations. But if a speeding ticket would trigger a higher insurance premium or add too many points to your license, for example, it could be well worth it to fight the ticket. We at our law firm are here to help you fight your tickets and prevent any negative information from appearing on your record.

If you have been cited for any type of traffic violation, from speeding to hit and run, please contact us today.

Our law firm provides expert defense and we have successfully defended clients charged with all types of traffic violations, including:

  • All moving violations
  • Driver’s license restoration
  • Driving under suspended license
  • Failure to properly merge
  • Hit and run
  • Illegal drag racing
  • Illegal lane changes
  • Not stopping for a school bus
  • Operating on a suspended license
  • OWI-DUI-DWI, Drunk Driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Red light violation
  • Speeding Tickets

Our traffic violation and speeding ticket defense lawyer takes a proactive approach, working to minimize the potential consequences to you today and in the years to come. You will be treated with respect and your legal situation will receive the personal attention it deserves. We will work to resolve your traffic violation issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

The criminal defense attorneys at our law firm have helped thousands of people save points and avoid heavy fines or increased insurance costs from traffic violations by fighting aggressively to have tickets dismissed or reduced to non-points violations.

If you have received a ticket for speeding or reckless driving, contact us, so we can defend your rights TODAY.

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We keep legal fees low – and we accept credit cards and offer payment plans.

Let Michigan Criminal Lawyers fight your traffic ticket – and keep your driving record clean.

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