Scott Weinberg, Esq.

30 Years Experience In Keeping Our Client's Records Clean
and Staying Out of Jail!
Former Prosecutor.
100% Financing Available and No Money Down Options

Scott Weinberg, Esq.

30 Years Experience In Keeping Our Client's Records Clean and Staying Out of Jail!

Former Prosecutor.
100% Financing Available and No Money Down Options

Our Goal Is Simple:
No Jail Time And No Conviction

At Michigan Criminal Lawyers, PLC, we have valuable connections in every criminal court in Michigan, along with unparalleled experience in trials.

Because we believe every single person deserves the best defense against criminal charges, we offer PAYMENT PLANS and accept most major credit cards. Providing the strongest defense possible has always been our top priority. We offer you effective, aggressive representation for your case and have removed financial concerns, meaning there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t have us on your side.

If you’re ready to fight for the charges against you to be dismissed or reduced, schedule your consultation with us today. 

We have interpreters available for all languages

Keep Your Record Clean And Avoid A Domestic Violence Conviction

At Michigan Criminal Lawyers, we have experience handling domestic abuse cases and we know that a domestic violence conviction comes with a stigma for the rest of your life.

Domestic Violence Attorney Scott Weinberg provides expert defense against family violence charges to prevent you from suffering penalties like time in prison and heavy fines. Whether you’ve been accused of making verbal threats or violating a restraining order, abusing your spouse or stalking, Attorney Weinberg wants to keep your record clean and help you preserve the family connections that matter most to you. His priority is to get your charges reduced or dismissed, making a trial unnecessary. 

We Have Insider Knowledge of How Prosecutors Handle ALL Criminal Cases

If you’re convicted of a crime, you could face time in jail, prison, probation and significant fines. To avoid the worst possible penalties, you should consult an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to begin building your case the second you’re charged. Scott Weinberg and his team at Michigan Criminal Lawyers are ready to protect your rights no matter what you were charged with. Attorney Weinberg will examine every detail of your case to look for viable defenses and plan your best course of action. He’s helped 1000s of defendants receive lesser charges or have them dropped altogether. As a former prosecutor, he knows the strategies used on both sides of a case.

Just because you’re charged with a crime does not mean you lose your rights. Don’t let prosecutors add a crime to your record without a fight. 

About Our Law Firm

Our law firm’s skilled attorneys know their way around every court system you need help in. And, with our firm’s payment plans and credit card payments, you can afford the best defense. Calling one of our attorneys is the BEST decision you will ever make.

Michigan’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a criminal offense comes with consequences that can be far-reaching and long-lasting for you, your family, and your finances. In addition to potential jail time, fines, and probation, a conviction negatively impacts your ability to find a job, advance your career, and even own a gun.

At Michigan Criminal Lawyers, PLC, we believe everyone has the right to affordable, expertise defense. Our top priority is to protect our clients’ rights and safeguard their future from the stigma of a criminal conviction. We never judge you or your situation. We consider it our responsibility to offer solid defense counsel to anyone in need.

Attorney Scott Weinberg has over 30 years of experience handling thousands of cases involving drugs, OWI/DUIs, sex crimes, juvenile crimes, probation violation, sexual assault, traffic violations, and more. From violent crimes to white collar crimes, high-profile cases to simple misdemeanors, he is proud to defend each charge against his clients here in Michigan. 

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