Scott has represented me on three or four criminal cases over the past 5 years. He is that rare lawyer that has the ability to part the sea. No matter how deep I think I’m in Scott always has a plan and executes it to perfection time after time. He takes payment plans and works with his clients whenever possible. He isn’t the cheapest but anyone dedicated to their legal situation can’t afford to go with anybody less. I’ve had a few different attorneys before Scott and none of them have had the intelligence and know how to be nearly as effective as Mr. Weinberg. If your serious about your freedom U CANNOT AFFORD TO GO WITH ANYONE ELSE!! A close friend of mine has also used Scott for a variety of cases over a seven year period with spectacular results as well. I recommend Scott to anyone looking for competent, capable legal counsel.

Dear Scott,

I really thank you so much for helping me out of this big mess. I will be very grateful to you all my life. I’m really thankful to you and i feel so lucky that I found you here in the time of need. U really did a very good job and I would say that its only because of you am out of the problem and got rescued. I really thank you so much once again and for saving my life and my kids life. Thank you so much for your immense support. I will stay in touch with you. God Bless you.

Scott Weinberg was my defense attorney in a domestic violence case. My husband and I had an altercation which resulted in my arrest. It was a very unique case, considering my husband was an illegal immigrant seeking a green-card. After being badgered and harassed by my husband and his family, I learned they were trying to build a case against me for domestic violence. When i went to court their were false statements and allegations in the police report. I realized it was time to hire an attorney. I searched the web to get legal advice. I found Scott Weinberg and he responded the very next day. We had a conference meeting. I explained to him my financial situation and how badly I needed his help. I expressed my profession as a health care worker and how this could debilitate my career. He was very understanding and compassionate. He worked out an affordable payment plan for my budget. He represented me in court very well and had all records expunged on my behalf. He is a great attorney that gets the job done. Knowledgeable, conservative, professional, initiative, and compassionate with his clients. Not to mention you are guaranteed a laugh. WONDERFUL ATTORNEY!!!!

This is a friendly message about my case. Hard to believe a year went by. I never told you how I greatly appreciated all the work you did for me. Thank you. You did good. See you when our paths cross.

I never heard of Scott Weinberg before my case. I was scared and living from paycheck to paycheck. Scott Weinberg accepted my case and set up an affordable payment plan that I could handle. He did exactly what I hired him to do and more. He was always available to answer my questions through the help of his well organized team of employees. His chief investigator impressed me when he stated, “This is no longer your problem, now it’s ours.” Scott Weinberg is going to be my lawyer for life.