A conviction can be big trouble for your record. With our expert legal advice, you may be able to have your past record sealed from public view or cleared entirely.

At our law firm, we know how devastating a conviction can be to your future. That’s why we fight so hard to help our clients get charges dismissed or significantly reduced. One mistake should not haunt your record or destroy your future! If you’ve paid the fine or done the time, you deserve a clean slate.

We understand that budget may be the only thing keeping you from clearing your record. At Michigan Criminal Lawyers, our payment plans and credit card acceptance means you can afford the BEST criminal law defense!

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Can any conviction be expunged?

When you meet with us to start the expungement process, we will give an honest assessment of whether your conviction can be cleared or your records sealed. It all depends on type of crime, sentence served, and how much time has passed since the conviction was handed down. With decades of experience in every court system, we can take you as far as possible toward clearing your record.

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