Domestic Violence: Don’t Plead Guilty At Arraignment !!

If you have ever have known anyone who has been charged with Domestic Violence, you know the routine. Spouse or loved one says they were assaulted, police come and arrest the guy (85% of the time), and the presumed innocent defendant stands in front of a Judge in Court at an Arraignment and is asked how he pleads; Guilty or Not Guilty. That’s when the Court sets the bond. Many people just want to get the matter over with, so they plead Guilty without any advice on what to do. The problem is that there is no one to protect the defendant’s rights until after the arraignment, unless they had hired an attorney first. It is so easy to charge anyone with a crime. Little evidence…no evidence, all the prosecutor needs is a pen to sign a warrant and…Surprise….here comes a 93 day misdemeanor starring them in the face. Even with no other evidence but simply someone’s word, anyone can be charged with a crime that could wind them in jail. Click Here for my advice on Domestic Violence Charges. Sounds crazy right? Believe me it happens everyday. Yes, Domestic Violence is serious. I have represented hundreds of clients accused of Domestic Violence. Sometimes cases are clear cut, some are much more complicated. Some cases are easy to defend…and sometimes they are more difficult because of the facts and circumstances. But 100% of the time, the defendant of a Domestic Violence charge is better off not pleading guilty at the arraignment, in order to have an attorney review the case. There is always time to decide the best course of action BEFORE the defendant has to give up his or her rights. Domestic Violence convictions can affect your ability to get jobs in the future, criminal record, plus your ability to own and possess firearms. Just because it is easy to charge someone with Domestic Violence and easy to plead guilty, does not mean that you should give away your rights and take the quicker way out. Always get good legal advice first before you go to Court or tell the Court you want to talk to your attorney. Pleading guilty is not your only option, it is simply your first. You need to look at all the options including counseling and trial before making a decision that could affect the rest of your life.